Grand Canyon State Chapter
Benefits of chapter membership

  • The opportunity to network with other nursing professionals
    within the field of radiology to promote the specialty, share
    ideas/concerns related to radiological nursing, and provide
    avenues for group problem solving on patient care issues
    specific to radiology.

  • The opportunity to work as a unified group to initiate and
    maintain high standards of quality patient care.

  • The opportunity for the radiological nurse to have increased
    involvement/visibility with the radiology team
    (radiographer's and radiologists) to work together in patient
    care activities, to initiate quality improvement, and to
    participate in research studies related to the field.

  • The opportunity to plan and participate in educational
    programs/workshops on a local level.

  • The opportunity to become a GCSC Board member and
    participate in leadership development workshops, and to use
    the skills learned in these programs as a springboard for
    involvement in national leadership roles.

  • Contact hours are available at every educational program
    presented by the chapter.  
Thank you for considering a professional membership with GCSC.  Participation in our local chapter
helps members become knowledgeable about local standards of patient care, legislative and public
policy, quality improvement, and patient education. It provides the opportunity for closer affiliation and
networking with radiological nursing peers within the State of Arizona. See detailed benefits of GCSC
membership below.

GCSC annual membership dues are $20.00/year.
Payable each August.

Click here to apply or renew your GCSC membership online  

If you choose pay by check, please click here to download a GCSC application and mail to:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at

Membership with GCSC is separate from the ARIN membership.
You do not have to be a member of ARIN to be a member of the GCSC.
PO Box 33545
Phoenix, AZ 85067-3545
The Grand Canyon State Chapter is an official chapter of the
Association For Radiologic & Imaging Nursing